Specialising in all types of Awning, Canopy & Sun shades products in Singapore

What is Awning? Awning is to provide shade or cover to any place to prevent waters of rain and heat of the sun to enter your desired area. Awnings are attractive & useful; many home owners have seen the value of these awnings to their location. With awning, you will be able to enjoy a cooler environment!

Singapore Awning is your one-stop organization that will caters to your requirement and provide service solutions. Singapore Awning allows you to outsmart the weather, cutting energy costs and saving energy. We can provide you or transform your area to be relax-able and comfortable “outdoor room”.
A few awning Singapore Awning specializes in:

  • Retractable awning
  • Canopies
  • Laminated Tampered Glass awning
  • Polycarbonate awning
  • Window awning
  • Sun shades

There are two options available in today’s market: motorized or manual. Many clients prefer choosing motorized awnings as it is useful for when climate change easily. The awning can be operated by a remote control or buttons. It can fully protect from your loved ones from the weather. Awnings can be functional and stylish; it comes in different colours, patterns and materials. For commercial, company name can be printed on the awning.

Choosing the right awning and sunshade company can mean everything from success to failure. Here at Singapore Awning, we are specialise in all types of awning, shelter, canopies & sunshade products.

Why Choose us As Your Awning & Sunshade Company?

Basically why choose us? Well, we are one of the leading companies in Singapore for awning. We offer you only quality awning and excellent customer service to all our clients at an affordable price. We offer an extensive range of products to suit your requirements; we use only materials of the highest quality yet within your budget to suit your shop-houses, residential or commercial buildings. Awnings are great investment for commercial.

We make sure that we check and awning is in perfect condition before delivering to your doorsteps. We do not believe in re-doing and altering the length and breadth of the awning, we ensure that we measure correctly at the first go to deliver on the desired date and avoiding inconvenience for our clients.

We have been constantly improving ourselves. Our dedicated team are always willing to listen to meet your expectation to provide you with our utmost competitive price. We pride ourselves in providing only excellence awning to all our customers. We have built our reputation on being particular to all our workmanship. We go beyond our client’s expectation to provide them with a pleasant experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our existing clients and referral to new clients.

Singapore Awning provide FREE on-site quotation for all our clients, we are willing to take time and opportunity to discuss further to meet your requirements. Feel free to call us for non-obligatory information. Do book an appointment with us today!
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What Our Clients Saying

  • Very honest people. Very polite. They worked hard and together. At no time did I hear a cussword from any of the workers Were on time every day. If something happened to cause a delay the Supervisor would call and inform me. The work that was performed was just what we wanted. They did not cut corners . If something came up that did not look right they would come to me and explain the problem and make recommendation as how to correct it. I will be using them again.
    Saffron Lee Ping
  • I am extremely pleased with job performed. It was completed in a timely manner with excellent workmanship. It was a difficult job but the guys did not cut corners. They went above and beyond to complete the work. I already have another job waiting for them and will be referring them to all of my contacts.
    Vini Eng
  • We are running a wine lounge and we got Singapore Awning to fix a retractable awning for our outdoor lounge. They are very knowledgeable about their products and they provide efficient and superb service.
    Mr Charles
  • Staff is friendly, very knowledgeable and treats all customers with respect.
    Tina Liu

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