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Benefits of Sun Shades

Thinking into options of controlling the heat in your residential or commercial building? Sun shades will be a smart thing to be thinking about. Sun shades are attractive and beautifully designed; it will enhance the appearance of your building. Sun shades have been in the market for quite a number of years, but not many people understand and aware the benefits of sun shades. The primary purpose of a sun shade is to control the amount of direct sunlight through your windows while allowing direct sunlight during the humid season. Sun shades can keep out up to 80% of sun glares and heat.

Two major benefits of sun shades given below:

Heat can be reduced – With cost of electricity bills increasing, average people are struggling to pay for their electricity bills. Without Sun Shades, people will be running air conditioner occasionally for a long period of time to cool their whole environment. Sun shades will help to reduce sun heat from entering your environment; thus it will help to reduce the cost of electricity bills.

Interior Protection – Ultra-violet rays not only cause harm to humans, but also damage items in your environment. Although natural sunshine is important to our bodies, but too much expose is harmful. By purchasing and installing sun shades, you will be able to prevent fading on furniture, as well as upholstery which can experience after persistent of extreme heat and light exposure. By installing sun shades in your environment, interior of your environment will remain pristine condition and prolong its lifespan.

It is essential to provide shades to those places that are directly in the sun’s path. Most of us like to stay outdoor as it can relax our mind, sitting down in the garden and enjoying is a pleasure. With sun shades, you can enjoy the warmth and view without the sun beating down on you. It can even help to shield your eyes and enjoy your warmth from those harmful glares of the sun while maintaining an excellent level of visibility.

Sun shades have an extensive range of finishes and colours; it can be customize to meet all our client’s requirements. Many of our commercial clients will choose to print their company’s logo on it for advertisement!

Singapore Awning is a company full of professionals to provide you with only quality awning. If you are unsure about what type of awning to purchase, approach our staff and they will provide you with relevant information and awning that are within your budget. We hope to provide you with a beautiful and healthier environment. Call us today and we will arrange the nearest appointment for a FREE on-site quotation.
Looking for the leading Awning, Canopy, Retractable Awning company in Singapore? Call one of our 7 hotlines or 24 hours hotlines today. Widest range of awning products in Singapore
Specialising in all types of awning, sun shades & canopy for residentials & commercials

Specialising in all types of Awning, Canopy & Sun shades products in Singapore

Testimonials. Specialist in all types of awning services in Singapore
We are running a wine lounge and we got Singapore Awning to fix a retractable awning for our outdoor lounge. They are very knowledgeable about their products and they provide efficient and superb service.
Mr Charles - Wine lounge owner
We have the widest range of awning, canopy and sun shades products in Singapore
Looking for the leading awning company in Singapore? Call one of our 7 hotlines today. Always ready to serve you with the best rates in town
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Testimonials. Specialist in all types of awning services in Singapore
We are constantly having problem with bright hot sun shining into our apartment during the noon time, good thing we called up Singapore Awning and got sun shades installed in our balcony. Their service and rates are highly recommended!
Miss Lim (Punggol)
Testimonials. Specialist in all types of awning services in Singapore
We installed our coffeeshop retractable awning by Singapore Awning. Their products are superb and also they even allowed us to customized and print our coffee shop name on the retractable awning. Superb product knowledge and very fast efficient workmanship!
Mr Chia (Coffeeshop owner)


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